Guaranteed that our head office will send you £50K worth of customer enquiries which is between x5 and x25 your affiliation licence fee within the first year depending on what package you take!!

Next Open Day - 30th August 2022! We look forward to meeting you!

This is an affiliation that anyone can join at different levels. It's a great outdoor life service that has been operational for 16 years in Kent, with Essex and Sussex for the last 10 years.

Conservatory Valet UK is now offering this great opportunity to you to become an affiliation in your area of the UK.

Do you want an outdoor work lifestyle with the option to plan your own days’ work and have an income that can suit your life work ratio that you are looking for?

Or are you looking to further your knowledge and bulk income to your already existing window cleaning business and would like to become part of a nationwide group of cleaning / valeting technicians?

Then why not take this further by reading on? Or better still give us a call now.

Learn more about what is involved..

With no knowledge or partial knowledge Conservatory Valet UK will walk you through the training that we offer from the very basics to whatever level you wish to go to over the course of the 1-10-day training offered within the affiliation package you choose to take.


You will also get paid for the training on some of the days! If you wish to only learn the basics as you already have experience, then this is fine we can then offer a 1-2 day enhancement training later which covers all the services at no extra charge!


The in-house team of professionals can also offer one-day training courses that are more in-depth per service offered with onsite live days. If this has been your trade or some of your trade in the past and now you want to move into the professional branded community side of the business with higher value valets and greater income then we can assess your skills and move on as fast as you like. Giving you all of the trade secrets and knowledge that we have gained over the last 16 years and you can then carry out our branded services to our and your new or existing UK customers.

Here at Conservatory Valet UK, we will offer full training, and full backup always over the phone and online once you are trained. Our useful YouTube tutorial (members only) and easy to use quotation generator.


We will offer free refresher days in which you will be able to return to us if you have any questions or when we offer new services to you within the affiliation. Conservatory Valet UK have a deal in place for the lease or purchase of vehicles. All branding for the vehicles is ready. All branding of clothing and print is ready. All advertising platforms are ready.

Furthermore, all that is needed now is for you to contact us and arrange your Conservatory Valet UK future income. Call us now 0161 907 6741! You will be able to take this affiliation as far as you want it to take you, from an add on to your existing trades, an easy low key no stress service that you can potter along each day or to a service/business that you will be training guys and they will be out in the field earning you and them a good income just like the Kent, Essex and Sussex model has.

Why not call us now for a free chat? 0161 907 6741 Or email us if you have any questions.

Why Invest in a Conservatory Valet UK Affiliation?

  • Fantastic Earnings Potential Rewards for affiliations are unlimited, depending on your ambitions. Hard-working affiliations can benefit from a supply of £50K worth of leads from Head Office, per year on average. * this doesn’t even account for the local work you will automatically generate from word of mouth and your van exposure not forgetting repeat customers year on year.
  • Regular National Local Affiliations of Conservatory Valet UK have successfully built higher brand awareness over their competitors through their online and offline marketing campaigns.
  • Expert Knowledge Conservatory Valet UK proven business model is tried and tested within Kent, Essex and Sussex Part of working with Conservatory Valet UK gives you easy access to a wealth of advice and support online, on phone, on Whatsapp, on YouTube and or via email.
  • Unrivalled Training and Ongoing Support No experience needed, guaranteed. Full, certified training to be a Conservatory Valet UK Affiliation owner is provided, including business marketing and of course, technical training via all communication platforms.
  • Brand Leader with the only Conservatory Valeting specialists that can offer after sales conservatory after care within the UK. The only Affiliation national network.
  • Management Expansion Opportunities the Flexible Conservatory Valet UK business model can be tailored to meet your ambitions, meaning that our affiliations can develop into a multi-van, multi area or multi-unit operation.


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