This complete package combines the internal and external services to create a thorough valeting solution.

While carrying out the valet we will be inspecting your conservatory for any faults that may be apparent and bring these to your attention.

Some minor repairs we may be able to carryout on site while we are there and we are also able to quote for any larger issues you may or may not be aware of.

External and Internal Valet

We will offer a bespoke full valet of your conservatory combining the following services and methods.

We will empty all of your conservatory gutters including any box gutters and gullies from debris and soil/moss that may have built up and rinse. We will check that the down pipes are flowing correctly and unblock if this is not the case.

We will then rinse the entire external of the conservatory to remove the major build up of all dirt, grease and and other body so that we can begin our detergent foam application. Once we have applied the foam we will use soft brushes and hand held brushes/sponges to remove the daily dirt build up of the years. We will then rinse the conservatory with a combination of tap and pure water. We will the proceed this application a second time to remove any dirt that had been stubborn the first time around.

Finally we with the rinse with pure water only that we will have brought with us via our hi spec water fed pump storage kit that we have installed in all of our vans, this will include the gutter once again. Once rinsed we will hand dry the sides and front of the conservatory. We will apply glass polish to all glass units on the sides and front of the conservatory.

Areas Valeted in the process above include:

Every part of the conservatory from the property outwards.

  • Roof glazing bar capping
  • Ridge
  • Cresting
  • Finials & Crown
  • Roof sheets (glass or polycarbonate)
  • Roof bar End caps
  • Closures
  • Internal & external guttering
  • Down pipes
  • Gutter clips
  • Lead
  • External conservatory frame work
  • Glass sides & front units
  • Doors
  • Window & door cills
  • External handles
  • Rinse and brick work
  • blank panels

This service is a full Valet and not a window cleaners rinse.

Internal Valet consists of the below.

Remove any larger furniture that we may need to. Cover the floor and any large furniture that we cannot remove with dust sheets. Starting at the top we will retract any blinds that you may have and with a dry cloth wipe over any light or fan fittings. We will Valet all of the roof framework and roof sheets with a detergent by hand and cloth and rinse in the same process, these areas will then be polished with glass polish and aftercare for the PVC frameworks. Any roof hatches will be valeted along with the internal rebate of the hatch.

We will then start the same process for the sides and front windows / doors as per the roof. We will also include all window and door rebates on an external and internal valet only. All internal windows and doors connected to the property leading from the conservatory will be valeted in the same way as the conservatory on the internal side only. All window and floor cills will be valeted. Floors will be vacuumed or mopped.


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